WiWi Two-way Communication System

The new WiWi digital wireless audio system is a portable, 2-way simultaneous audio communication solution, using the 2.4GHz RF(Radio Frequency) band. WiWi provides 4 channels of high-quality and robust audio communication. The transmission is encrypted, and assures secured wireless personal communication. WiWi can be used in many applications because it can be linked with audio devices such as TV, PC, MP3, speaker, etc. WiWi’s SH 320 dongle is very small and light-weight, easy to set-up and uses and supports 4 different RF channels.

WiWi has applications that can be used in various industries such as: tourism, the amusement industry and the medical sector. It can also be used at sports events, theatre and is ideal for the movie production sector.

For a list of other applications where WiWi can be used click here.

WiWi Tour Guide System

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  • Amusement parks
  • Automated tour guide system
  • Building crane
  • Church
  • City tour
  • Coaching
  • Cycling
  • Defence
  • Events (built up)
  • Exhibition tour
  • Horse riding instruction
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Mountain sports
  • Medical
  • Language interpretation
  • Museum tours