Sound Projections

Sound Projections

Sound Projections offers three portable sound systems that are built to satisfy the most demanding presenters. Engineered with today's technology, their products offer the following features and performance that set new standards for the industry:

  • Battery or AC power operated. Rechargable batteries will operate a system 6 to 12 hours per charge.
  • Excellent sound quality with the highest SPL output of any self-contained, battery operated system.
  • Optional Shure Auto Scan UHF Wireless Microphone Systems available to operate reliably in the busiest RF zones over long distances. Up to 2 systems can operate simultaneously.
  • Optional CD/MP3 players (Sound Machine/Freedom) or MP3/SD Card player (Voice Machine). Talkover feature on the Sound Machine/Freedom automatically lowers the music level when the presenter is speaking.
  • Optional companion speakers can be powered from the host systems.
  • Sound projection systems features a variety of microphone and line level inputs and outputs for interfacing to any external audio input or output.
  • Excellent warranty - 6 years on the system, 3 years on the Sound Machine battery, 2 years on the Freedom and Voice Machine batteries.
  • Easy portability and set-up by non-technical presenters.
ound Projections

Sound Projections Sound Machine SM-4neo

Portable Sound System with 'Talkover'

This 200 watt bi-amped system provides an unbeatable combination of clear, powerful sound and light weight (33 pounds) in a portable, battery-operated sound system.

Features include:

  • 90 channel, wireless microphone (optional)
  • Nickel metal hydride battery
  • Neodymium Speakers - lower weight, higher SPL

PDF Documents  Download Sound Machine SM-4neo Brochure

Sound Projections Freedom FR-3neo

Portable Sound System with 'Talkover'

With 100 watts, a 10" woofer and titanium dome compression driver, the Freedom is ideal for crowds up to 2,500, with many of the features of the Sound Machine at a lower cost.

PDF Documents  Download Sound Projections Freedom FR-3neo Brochure

Freedom FR-3neo

Sound Projections Voice Machine VM-1

Portable PA System

Lightweight (17 lbs), versatile and loud (127db at 1m) describes the voice-tailored PA system for outdoor events such as parades, sports, and emergency communications.

PDF Documents  Download Sound Projections Voice Machine VM-1 Brochure

Sound Projections Voice Machine VM-1