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German Maestro Professional Headphones

GermanMAESTRO has set itself the task of perfectly recreating nature's wonderful treasure of sound - the endless variety of which is based on only 12 tones. How can headphones possibly meet this challenge? By offering brilliant sound reproduction, the highest level of differentiation, plus flawless resolution - and by packing this refined quality in an ergonomic, comfortable design. GermanMAESTRO headphones are ideally suited for discovering the magic of music-listening pleasure.

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German Maestro Pro Headphones

German Maestro Professional Headsets

The GermanMAESTRO Team inventive spirit and pursuit of excellence has fostered the use of new design technologies and materials in the application of their art. The use of titanium, fiber - glass reinforced ABS, unique Polycomp cone material, and special crossover technologies has revolutionized the mobile loudspeaker industry.

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German Maestro Pro Headsets