What is Doceri?

Doceri is a revolutionary iPad software suite for classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms - any place where you give presentations, teach, or collaborate.

With Doceri, you can:

  • Control your Mac or PC wirelessly from anywhere in the room using your iPad.
  • Quickly launch your documents and annotate over them in real time, including PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows.
  • Create handwritten & drawn lessons on any background, and save them for future playback.
  • Control projectors, DVD players, speakers, and all other AV devices in your room (requires SP Controls Networked Room Controller).

Doceri Whiteboard Functionality

Annotation & Drawing

Interactive Whiteboard Functionalilty and Beyond

Annotate over any document on your computer or on any background you choose, and see your annotations appear in real time. Each stroke can be saved and played back as an animated slideshow, allowing you to create lessons and presentations all within Doceri.

Computer Desktop Control

Set Your Presentation Free

Anything that you can do on your computer, you can do remotely through your iPad. Plus, the Quick - Launch feature makes it easy to open any document with a single touch, and slideshow control buttons allow you to quickly navigate Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.

Audiovisual Control

One Interface Does It All

Doceri, in conjunction with SP Controls' Network Room Controller, offers features previously only available in high-end rooms and at fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Control all your room's AV equipment - including projector power, input switching, and volume controls - all through an integrated touchscreen interface.


AV Controls