ChatterVox® Personal Voice Amplification

ChatterVox® Amplio™

Compact ChatterVOX® Voice Amplification System

Your new ChatterVOX® Amplio™ is designed primarily to be worn suspended around your neck. While Amplio™ can be belt worn or placed on a nearby surface, neck worn is recommended.

What's in the box:

  • Amplio™ personal voice amplifier
  • Lithium battery (pre-installed)
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Leather amplifier case
  • Nylon amplifier tote
  • Plastic belt clip
  • HM200 headset microphone with detachable/replaceable cable (pre-installed)
  • International travel friendly USB battery charger (US adapter plug installed)

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ChatterVox Amplio


ChatterVox® provides up to a 15 dB voice amplification, to presenters who require additional reinforcement to communicate in a normal voice to listeners at a distance (indoors or outdoors), or in noisy environments. ChatterVox is an ideal communication device for those with voice impairments.

The head worn or collar microphone keep the users hands free.

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ChatterVox® Pro

ChatterVox® Pro includes HM-100 head-worn microphone, carrying case, rechargeable batteries and recharger.

Chattervox Pro

ChatterVox® Extreme

ChatterVox® Extreme is designed for outdoor and moist environments and includes the HM-150 head-worn microphone, neoprene jacket, carrying case, rechargeable batteries and recharger.

Ideal for teachers, presenters, tour guides, sports instructors. Also, as a voice amplifier for Parkinsons disease and larynx disorder patients.

Chattervox Extreme

ChatterVox® Model 6

Years in development, the ChatterVox® Model 6 fills a niche in the personal speech reinforcement market that exceeds the "original" patented ChatterVox® performance. We needed a little more power...a little more "reach" to serve the needs of PE teachers, job site superintendents, coaches, band directors and tour guides working in high noise areas. At the same time we needed a design that retained the ease of use and comfort afforded by our original product.

PDF Documents  Download the ChatterVox® Model 6 Brochure

ChatterVox Model 6