Auditel Conference Communications Systems

Auditel Diplomat System

With over 35 years experience manufacturing conference and simultaneous interpretation systems for governements, corporations and conference rental companies, Auditel have created the Diplomat Digital Conference System. Advanced features include 64 channels of audio, digital microphone heads to prevent RF interference from cellular telephones, expansion to 4000 units, electronic voting with both smart card and finger print biometric identification and more. . . .

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Auditel Diplomat System

Auditel Intelligent Delegate Network (IDN)

System offers both high quality audio and a variety of features and options including computer control, 5 way electronic voting, intelligent card access and camera control. IDN is expandable to over a thousand delegate units in both portable and fixed configurations, to outfit the smallest conference rooms to the largest parliaments.

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Auditel Intelligent Delegate Network (IDN)

Auditel "Envoy" Digital Discussion System

The new Envoy System shares the most popular features of the IDN System, including the same high quality audio, digital control capabilities, and electronic voting, at a much lower price.

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Auditel Envoy Digital Discussion System

Auditel Simultaneous Interpretation Systems (SIS)

Available in both bilingual and multilingual console configurations, Auditel interpreter consoles are a favourite among interpreters worldwide for their easy operation and great audio performance. Multilingual systems expand to 12 languages, and are in compliance with Canadian and world interpretation system standards.

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Auditel Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Auditel's Multichannel Audio Distribution Systems

Up to 12 interpreted languages can be transmitted to the delegates through wired listening systems or wireless infrared receivers. Systems can be configured to broadcast to thousands of delegate receivers.

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Auditel's Multichannel Audio Distribution Systems