Auditel Intelligent Delegate Network (IDN)

Auditel's most acclaimed conference system, the Auditel Intelligent Delegate Network (IDN)

PDM/FDM Delegate Units

These portable or fixed microphone units come with optional built in loudspeaker, five voting buttons, card reader and language channel selector. The microphone has a semi-rigid stem for easy storage and a ring luminant to identify live units. The delegate unit has a single switch and indicators (WAIT/MIC ON). Units are controlled by an operator using a computer, or an Auditel manual switching unit (CPM-401/2). Operators can mute individuals or assign VIP status allowing switching without operator intervention.

PDM/FDM Chairman Units

The chairman units have the same features and options as the Delegate Units, plus it has a push button switch and MIC ON indicator that operates directly, with the possibility of operator intervention. It also has a PRIORITY switch and indicator which temporarily mutes the delegate units whilst simultaneously activating the chairman's microphone. A number of alternative configurations for the delegate and chairman units are available, please contact our sales advisors for information about these options.

Digital Network Controller NC50/NC100

Provides digital microphone control using single cable loopthrough connections, producing the highest possible quality audio output suitable for broadcast applications with optional digital audio input and output. The basic system can be used without operator control, in conjunction with a conventional push button control console (mimic), or via a PC running Auditel software. This software makes full use of the Microsoft Windows™ Graphical User Interface to facilitate microphone management using a mouse and/or a touchscreen. Data exchange with other applications such as Excel and Word are also supported. The system includes options for automatic image projection using CCTV cameras. The Network Controller provides the power, digital interface and audio processing electronics for the delegate microphone and voting units. Two versions are available - the NC50 can power up to 50 delegate units, the NC100 up to 100. These capacities are doubled if the delegate units do not incorporate loudspeakers. The system can be expanded to several thousand units with the addition of further controllers and auxiliary power supplies.

The ACCS Software Interface

With Auditel's Windows™ compatible software, more sophisticated features are available via the user friendly 'virtual conference console' (VCC). Microsoft™ software provides microphone management using mouse and/or touch screen control.

Software features include synchronized data sharing with standard applications such as Word and Excel. The Auditel software interface also includes camera control for fully automated image projection.

Auditel Intelligent Delegate Network (IDN)

Auditel IDN

Technical Data Sheets
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Portable conference units with microphone & optional voting & card reader
Delegate unit with digitally controlled language selector
Fixed type conference units
Remote fixing conference units
Arm fixing delegate unit
Hand microphone unit
Network controllers
Microphone control consoles
IDN computer control system/software
Conference microphone
Active line splitter units
Audicam CCTV dome camera
Audicam controllers