Auditel Envoy

Auditel's New Envoy Discussion System

PDM/FDM Delegate Units

The Auditel entry level Envoy Discussion System incorporates many of the features associated with full-scale conference systems, and has been designed without compromising the traditional Auditel strengths of high quality performance and reliability. Despite this, the Envoy is price competitive with inferior "budget" equipment, while offering superior performance, winning the value for money contest hands down.

The Envoy units 'daisy chains' together using simple bayonet locking connectors. There is no need for an operator to carry out microphone switching, delegates turn their own microphones on and off, with the number of live microphones either blocked, or restricted on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) basis according to a preset limit. The system is also capable of operating in "Voice-Held", or "Self-Canceling" mode, so when no speech is detected for a predetermined period of time, the microphone automatically switches off. There is a special unit for the meeting chairman that features a priority override button.

The delegate and chairman units incorporate the same Auditel microphone and loudspeakers as the renowned IDN system, which has been used extremely successfully in conference venues and parliament buildings throughout the world. The loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is enabled to prevent feedback. Each unit incorporates a Request button, with multi-colour LED indicating Request and Mic On status. All units also have three voting buttons as standard.

If required, the system can be centrally controlled, with the microphones selected on a request-to-speak basis. This is achieved by adding an Auditel mimic unit or a standard PC running Auditel ACCS-S Windows® controller software.

The Envoy Central Control Unit

The Envoy DSC central control unit providing power for up to 50 units. Higher and lower capacity versions available within the same chassis arrangement. Up to 256 units can be supported using auxiliary power supplies. Configuration and system control is operated via 2x16 backlit LCD and a five button menu system. The front panel also features monitor loudspeaker and Tri-colour LED level control indicators. There are four output zones that use bayonet locking DIN type connectors, for greater flexibility.

The ACCS Software Interface

With Auditel's Windows™ compatible software, more sophisticated features are available via the user friendly 'virtual conference console' (VCC). Microsoft™ software provides microphone management using mouse and/or touch screen control.

Software features include synchronized data sharing with standard applications such as Word and Excel. The Auditel software interface also includes camera control for fully automated image projection.

Auditel Envoy

Technical Data Sheets

Envoy DDU103P/CDU103P
Portable discussion units
Envoy DSC50/100
central unit
Audicam CCTV dome camera
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