Auditel's Multichannel Audio Distribution Systems

Auditel Wired Listening Systems

Integrated Wired Distribution Amplifiers DA4/6/8

The hard wired programme distribution system is designed to provide multi-channel language transmission to cabled delegate listening stations. The system is capable of handling up to 12 language channels.

This system provides the cheapest, most secure, lowest maintenance and highest quality solution to the problem of multi-channel language distribution. A principle feature of the Auditel system is the transmission method, which is based on the use of high impedance listening posts. Unlike low impedance systems, this ensures no perceptible volume variation when the channel loading changes. The units are connected by means of a single cable on a loop-through basis.


Technical Data Sheets
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Wired Language Distribution
Integrated wired distribution amplifiers
LP-12A LP-6A
Lanuage selector unit

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