Auditel Wireless Multichannel Infrared Audio

Auditel Wireless Multichannel Infrared Audio

Infrared Receiver IRX-12

Portable delegate unit designed for wireless narrow band transmission of up to 12 language channels, selected via a toggle switch. Unit connects to delegate headset. Low power consumption permits up to 500 hours of use on one battery charge. Can also use AA batteries. integrated infrared

Transmitter TXR-4/8X

4 and 8 channel versions available. Similar to the TXR-4X, but with an extra 4 channels, the TXR-8X is an eight-channel integrated infrared modulator, designed to be used in conjunction with the Auditel EP series of high power emitter panels, and the IRX series of receivers. Mainly for use in multi-language simultaneous interpretation and tour guide systems. The channel input signals will normally be derived from an interpretation system (e.g. from an Auditel M12 Interpretation Control Unit). A multi-way connector is provided which allows all the channel input connections to be made via one single connector. The TXR-8X is equipped with level controls and monitoring facilities. An interface unit is therefore not normally required.

Wideband Infrared Transmitter TXR-2H

Provides wireless audio transmission for use in assisted hearing applications, simultaneous interpretation and tour guide applications. It is IEC764 compliant and compatible with most other commercial products. The system offers superior audio quality compared to traditional wireless (induction loop) systems and also offers two audio channels. Radiated signals don't pass through opaque surfaces, so guarding against eavesdropping, and immune to crosstalk and interference from other IR systems used in adjacent rooms. The system is therefore particularly suitable for use in multiple conference facilities. Uses 2 industry standard frequencies 95kHz and 250kHz.

Infrared Radiator EP510

Transmits up to 18 audio channels for simultaneous interpretation or tour guide systems. A single radiator can cover up to about 9,500 square metres on one channel when used with Auditel high sensitivity wireless infrared receivers. There are no user controls except for a variable output level control. The built-in DC power supply is automatically switched on when signals are received from the transmitter, and indicators visible from the floor denote the stand-by and operating modes. The panel is convection cooled for noiseless, reliable and maintenance-free operation.

Auditel Wireless Listening Systems

Technical Data Sheets
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Wide-band Infrared
Wide band infra-red transmitter
2 Channel infrared stethoset

Narrow-band Infrared
TXR-4X/ TXR-8X Integrated infrared transmitter
12-Channel infrared transmitter mainframe with Mod-R channel modules
Lingua IRX32
Infra-red receivers

Infrared Radiators
Infrared radiator
Infrared radiator
High bandwidth infrared radiator