Univox Accessories

Copper Foil

Now thinner, on reel and with glued insulation!

This thin insulated copper foil is specially designed for use with hearing loop systems and can be installed directly under hardwood and tile floors as wel as plastic and textile carpets. The copper foil can be used for all types of hearing loop installations but is especially suitable in existing buildings and for installation of SLS systems. The foil can be affixed with tape or glue or fastened with nails, screws or staples. Always discuss the best method of installation with qualified craftsmen before installing the copper foil.

PDF Documents  Download Univox Copper Foil Brochure

Copper Foil

Univox TV Sync

No more echo or lip sync problems thanks to TV Sync

Univox TV Sync delays the sound from the Scart/Euro-connector or audio output to match the delayed sound from the TV speakers. By turning the TV Sync control knob the sound can be delayed (2-35ms) to achieve a perfect echo free lip-sync. Just listen and adjust.

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Univox TV Sync

Univox Loop Pad

Univox Loop Pad can be used anywhere where there is a need for a small loop for a limited area, eg when watching TV or in a reception desk.

When used for the television the loop pad is placed in the chair. Loop pad can if necessary be mounted under a desk using a staple gun or double-sided tape. The loop is enclosed in a thin, gray fabric. Padded, beige cushion cover is available as an accessory.


  • Loop pad for Use with a loop amplifier
  • Lightweight, durable, gray fabric
  • Padded, beige cushion cover is available as option
  • Contact: 2-pin DIN
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Size: 400x400x5mm
Univox Loop Pad

Univox Neck Loop

Univox neck loop gives you the possibility to listen to personal wireless receivers, wireless guide systems as well as induction loop drivers.

Easy to use - high wearing comfort

The neck loop is developed to allow for hard of hearing persons to listen to various audio devices such as guide systems, radio receivers, MP3-players, computers as well as induction loop drivers through their own hearing aid(s).

PDF Documents  Download Univox Neck Loop Brochure


Extension cables, connectors, adapters connecting to Univox and other amplifiers.

  • Extension wire (Part No 281002)
    Extension cable, 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug, stereo, 1.5m
  • Extension wire (Part No 281005)
    Extension cable, 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket, stereo, 3m
  • Extension wire (Part No 281006)
    Extension cable, 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket, stereo, 6m
  • Adapter (Part No 282004)
    Adapter, 5-pin DIN socket to 3.5mm plug, stereo
  • Splitter for loop pad (Part No 282007)
    Ramification cable, 2-pin DIN plug to 2x2-pin DIN socket
  • Adapter wire Univox DLS-50 in car (Part No 289002)
    Adaptor cable for car cigarette lighter for DLS-50
Univox Connectors


Labels to inform of existing hearing loop installations.

  • Label with T-symbol (Part No: 285021)
    Label with T-symbol, 125x114mm, self adhesive.
  • Label with T-symbol (Part No: 285023)
    Label with T-symbol, 80x73mm, self adhesive.