Step Hear System

Assistive Products

Step-Hear's practical and affordable systems allows people with special needs to achieve newfound independence and convenience when they are "out and about".


Step-Hear® is a simple to use orientation, information and audio messaging system. When a blind or visually impaired person is walking in range of the Step-Hear® Base Unit, the Activator he is carrying will start to vibrate and beep. Pressing the button on the Activator, will trigger the Step-Hear® Base Unit to play an audio message, guiding the blind or visually impaired person to the desired destination. Step-HearTM may be integrated with different applications: ATM machines and information terminals, traffic light systems, public buses and bus station systems, train services, information kiosks etc.

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Call-Hear® is a "call for help" system that will alert you when a customer at your premises needs assistance or service. It is also a necessity in any washroom, offering immediate help, in emergency and safety situations. By pressing the button on the Call-Hear® Sign, the Chiming Unit will begin to flash and beep, alerting us that someone at our premises is in need of help. Call-Hear™ provides businesses, facilities and organizations with an affordable access solution, welcoming customers to easily enter their premises.

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