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Digital Audio Workstation DAW-1

The ELT Digital Audio Workstation is a commercial grade desktop digital audio recorder specially designed for environments where the need for durability and convenient controls is high and small handheld recorders are inappropriate.

A 128MB NAND flash memory is built in for 120 min. recording time and 30 tracks of music or voice. It is also equipped with an extended SD memory slot. The front mounted USB port makes easy connection to PC for download or duplication.

The large back-lit LCD display shows track number, running time and operating mode.


  • 128MB NAND flash memory built in
  • SD memory card expansion slot
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Sampling rate: 128kbps
  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • Two 6.3mm external mic jacks (front mount)
  • Stereo headphone jack 3.5mm (front mount)
  • Two high impedance line input (RCA type) (rear mounted)
  • 110-240VAC operation or 15VDC 1000ma
  • SIZE (HWD): 210mm x 100mm x 120mm

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Digital Audio Workstation

Plus Deck PC Cassette Deck

Plusdeck2 is a fully functional cassette deck for your computer. It is multi-functional and adds a whole new use to your computer.

You can also listen to audio tapes on your computer. Listen to recorded lectures and take notes from recorded tapes using computer speakers or headphones.

You can convert recorded sound from tapes into digital files and save it on computer. It is possible to convert, save, and edit sounds in PC to CD, DVD, or MP3 player. Build your audio collection.

Instruction manual and software will smoothly guide you through the set-up and installation. Get the software updates free of charge from the Plus Deck website.

Plusdeck2 offers you high quality sound using cutting-edge audio technology and a Full Logic Mechanism Deck, offered to you from one of the leading audio experts in Japan.

It plays Auto Reverse. You can easily play on sides A and B of the tape without ejecting it. Plusdeck2 won a design prize from the Korean Design Promotion Committee. The Plusdeck2 can make your computer standout with it's tidy and bright look.

It is an internal drive that is easily installed in any 5.25 inch bay of your computer like a CD Drive.

Plus Deck