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Small Touchscreen Solutions: USB Monitors, Commercial Tablets, and Custom Designs

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At Mimo Monitors, we know that every environment has a specific set of needs and system requirements to maintain maximum operating efficiency and the results expected. That's why we're proud to offer a comprehensive collection of 10-inch monitors and touchscreen monitors designed to not just meet these needs, but often exceed them.

Mimo 10 inch monitor


Mimo Monitors' selection of 7-inch monitor devices is one of our most popular product categories. Our customers love the minimalistic design and compact form factor associated with monitors this size, as well as the array of technical innovations our team has managed to fit into such small systems. We're proud of the work that has gone into making these highly resilient, responsive, and convenient devices, and our customers are proud to own such devices that they can trust to function as intended consistently.

Mimo's 7-inch monitors are suitable for a vast range of applications – essentially any that you can think of – and are built to last for years of regular use. Browse our selection of 7-inch monitors below to discover which one is perfect for your needs.

Mimo 7 inch


When it comes to sheer convenience, reliability, durability, and user-friendliness, nothing can beat Mimo Monitors' catalogue of open-frame displays. These systems are designed to be quickly and easily swapped out with devices that are pre-installed on equipment or structural housing such as information kiosks or factory assembly line machinery. Each of these open frame touch screen monitors has been carefully engineered to incorporate a "barely-there" minimalistic housing that incorporates exposed metals, components, and inputs for quick and seamless installation every time.

Mimo Open Frame


USB Video (DisplayLink)
At Mimo Monitors, we know the importance of having a reliable system that doesn't need to sit at home. Our customers work, study, and live in an always-on-the-go world, and in the age of constant online connection, it's important to them to have a portable device that meets their needs, wherever they are.

That's where our selection of portable USB powered monitors comes in – packed with high-performance components and intuitive features; they're capable of handling any kind of process you can throw at them. Regardless whether you need a multi-touch monitor with compatibility with our USB Extender or an open-frame display, Mimo Monitors has you covered.

Mimo Portable USB Monitors


At Mimo Monitors, we know and understand that every environment has a specific set of needs and system requirements for maximum operating efficiency, and digital signage that enhances the customer experience. That's why we're proud to offer a new line of stretch displays, starting with our 23" x 2" Shelf Edge Stretch Display and our Shelf Edge Display with a build-in Android Media Player. These premium displays are sleek, seamless to install, and provide maximum flexibility for any environment.

Shelf edge displays can improve the effectiveness and ease of marketing by providing interchangeable information, such as advertising specials, product and price match info, and complementary products, right where the product sits on the shelf. In addition, you can increase in store efficiency and enhance the shopping experience by informing customers of stock outages and informed replenishment dates and also update pricing and discount information instantaneously for promotions or time-limited specials.

Mimo Stretch Monitors


Mimo Monitors is known for fast, reliable, and powerful systems that can handle whatever you want to throw at them. The perfect example is our selection of 7 to 21.5-inch commercial Android tablet computers – each has been carefully engineered for maximum performance, user-friendliness, and sheer simplicity. These commercial tablets are made to last for years to come without any requirement for maintenance or upkeep, eliminating the needless hassle and helping you be more productive than ever before. Our tablets come with MLock Software. MLock is a pre-installed application, developed by Mimo Monitors, with the capability to "lock down" your device by securely disabling physical buttons and the touchscreen. MLock supports two methods of locking down your device. The first method is by configuring MLock to launch your custom application that will take control of the device. The second method is by using one of MLock's two Play Modes, Video Player or Web Viewer, to display video content or lock the browser to a URL that you provide. Mimo Monitors also offers an MLock SDK that can be used to bundle Mimo Service into your application.

Mimo Tables


Mimo Monitors is proud to partner with some of the leading brands in the field of digital signage to create exciting and cutting-edge solutions. Now, we are partnering with BrightSign, LLC®, a global driver of digital signage innovation, to introduce the Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built-In.

By collaborating with a powerhouse in digital signage, we can deliver outstanding applications and solutions for our clients. This strong partnership brings to market a fully comprehensive product that capitalizes on what each of us do best. By leveraging the top quality technology behind the Mimo Vue and the power and reliability of the BrightSign platform, we’re able to provide the screen and player as one, making it simple to deploy and scale.

Our innovative, intuitive displays will now come equipped with BrightSigns’ high-performance HD3-family platform. Just take it out of the box, and it’s instantaneously ready to go, with a complete seamless integration of touchscreen video and media player.

It’s easy to set up and offers a new way to access BrightSign's market leading application. Built for commercial environments, BrightSign’s video and media player is robust, reliable, and durable.

"Mimo Monitors is widely known for its high-value, small-footprint displays that deliver a seamless user experience," said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. "The new Mimo Vue monitors unveiled at InfoComm are a great representation of what’s possible with a best-in-class solution using BrightSign Built-in."

Mimo Brightsign Built-In