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About Us

Thorvin Electronics was formed in October 1974 by Jack Thorndike and Wilf Langevin. The name Thorvin is a combination of the two last names of Jack and Wilf.

At that point in time the only product Thorvin was distributing was Tandberg Educational Language labs. Thorvin were commissioned reps for Studer ReVox, Beyer Dynamic and ElectroVoice products in the Province of Ontario.


In 1977 Jack Thorndike's shares were purchased by Wilf Langevin and the company is wholly owned by Wilf Langevin and his wife Monique Langevin.

During the late 1970s Thorvin was active in the distribution of Hi Fi products across Canada, including Tandberg.

With the change in the consumer audio marketing in the early 1980s, Thorvin shifted its focus to the commercial sound and educational markets.

With 18-24 years distributing the Auditel, Williams Sound, Azden and Soundsphere lines across Canada, Thorvin has become a design specialist and major supplier for conference, simultaneous interpretation, hearing assistance, fm soundfield and wide area sound systems.

The company still distributes Tandberg Educational products manufactured by Sanako. Minicom is now a major player in the Digital signage and KVM marketplace. Thorvin have been distributing Minicom for over 18 years. Tandberg Sanako have been distributed since the company began in 1974. Thorvin is the largest distributor of language lab systems in Canada, with well over 200 labs installed from coast to coast. One hundred of these systems are new digital multimedia systems.

Thorvin have added SP Controls, Smart AVI, Sabine, Sound Projections and BrightSign to the products we distribute across Canada.

With the addition of Paso Sound in 2011, Thorvin will now be able to supply their many dealers with a complete audio system package. The wide range of competitively priced, feature rich Paso amplifiers will integrate with other Thorvin products to provide turnkey system solutions. Paso's lecterns and portable sound systems complete the wide range of portable battery operated sound systems available from Thorvin

2009 marked the 35th anniversary of Thorvin Electronics. With our many new products, the future for Thorvin is very exciting. Our goal is to broaden our horizons, and to build on our reputation as a key supply partner of equipment and software in the audio video systems marketplace.