SmartAVI Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber Optic cable connections allow users to manage KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) operations over long distances with the ultimate in secure signal transmission. SmartAVI produces top-quality routing solutions using Fiber Optic cabling for the ultimate in secure, long-distance communications. Why use Fiber Optics? There are three main reasons. First and foremost, Fiber Optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference, allowing them to provide secure transmission and routing.

Second, Fiber Optic cables eliminate the need for bulky cabling and additional equipment to boost video signal, both of which are helpful for routing through small areas. Third, Fiber Optic extensions offer long-distance routing solutions. That level of security is important for national security in defense applications. In medical and academic venues, that’s important for privacy and confidentiality. Businesses are looking for similar protections, whether that’s to ward off hackers, corporate espionage, or other breaches of security.

And with long distance needs, Fiber Optics allow large government, medical, academic and corporate campuses to install a stellar communications system that handles all of their criteria. In these and other mission-critical applications, the use of a Fiber Optic matrix is the way to go. A matrix signal router provides the ultimate in flexibility for KVM management and the routing of uncompressed HD signals. SmartAVI offers a number of different ways to implement this technology, including VGA Fiber, DVI Fiber, HDMI Fiber and USB Fiber. With all of these options, SmartAVI is the go-to provider for Fiber Optic KVM and HD signal routing functionality.

SmartAVI VGA Fiber Extenders

SmartAVI VGA Fiber Extenders boost the signal range of devices with VGA video connectors using fiber optic cables. Fiber optic technology sends HD signals across vast distances at lighting-fast speeds with the utmost security. VGA Fiber Extenders are excellent for sending sensitive video content to distant displays or clients.

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SmartAVI Discontinued Fiber Optic Solutions

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