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Chiayo Audio Linked Gooseneck Conference System

Audio Linked Conference Systems Quick and Easy to Setup!

GM-143 Audio Linked Gooseneck Conference System


  • Uses universal standard CAT.5e/CAT.6 cable for audio linking. Easy cable connection
  • Unique circuit loop design. Every GM-143 unit, GMC-10 converter and switching adaptor can be located anywhere in the loop.
  • Capacity of up to 20-unit conference microphone, suitable for medium/small company, office, corporate and school conference rooms.
  • Specific speech priority only for the CHAIRMAN unit (GM-143C).
  • One switching adaptor and audio converter enables the entire system.
  • Easily identifiable TALK indicator LED both on the gooseneck and the base.
  • The microphone(s) automatically shut off after no signal for 5 minutes. EXCEPT : In the Chairman Priority Mode
  • Elegantly shaped plastic casing weighing only 532g
  • At least 40-60% lower in price than that of competitors in the market.

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