Step Hear System

Assistive Products

Step-Hear's practical and affordable systems allows people with special needs to achieve newfound independence and convenience when they are "out and about".

Technical Specifications and User Guides

PDF Documents  Download Step Hear SH-200 Auto Sound Adjustment
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How does Step-Hear® work?

  • The system consists of a base unit and a wrist/necklace activator.
  • The base unit and activator are both transceivers.
  • The wrist activator has 3 buttons on it; each may trigger a different function.
  • When a person comes in range of a Step-Hear unit/module, the wrist activator begins to vibrate and beep notifying that a
  • Step Hear unit/module is nearby.
  • Pressing a button on the activator will remotely activate the Step-Hear unit to play a pre-recorded message or trigger a
  • function (changing the pedestrian crossing light to green).
  • A person may be guided to the exact point of the unit (above an entrance) by hearing the audio message. The message may
  • be played over and over by pressing the button on the activator.

The Step-Hear SH-200 Base Unit connecting to electricity

This unit needs to be plugged into an electricity socket. Units may be supplied according to the countries plug and socket standards: American, Europe, UK and South Africa.

The units may be installed in:

  • Public Places such as Public Buildings, Hospitals, Municipalities, Libraries, Schools, Univerisities, Colleges, Convention centers, Churches etc.,
  • Commercial Establishments: Shopping Malls, Theaters, Hotels, Museums etc.,

We recommend placing the units above door entrances, elevators, restrooms/washrooms, exits and emergency doors, reception/service desks and at strategic junctions at the premises.

PDF Documents  Download Step Hear SH 200 User Guide


The Step-Hear (SH-200-SOL) for Outdoors with Solar Panel

This unit is ideal for installing in Bus Stations, Parks & Tourist Attractions, Sports & Cultural facilities and anywhere where electricity is not available.

TWith its solar panel, the Step-Hear system uses light energy from the sun to generate electricity, through the photovoltaic effect.

PDF Documents  Download Step Hear SH 200 Solar User Guide


The Step-Hear™ SH-220 Personal Activator

The Activator, carried by the user, vibrates and beeps to notify us that a Step-Hear unit is nearby. Pressing a button on the activator triggers a playback of the pre-recorded message from the base unit, informing of and providing direction to the desired location.

PDF Documents  Download Step SH 220 Personal Activator User Guide


The Step-Hear ATM-500 add-on card for Electronic Terminals.

Current ATM solutions available on the market have not been able to solve the accessibility issues regarding specifically, where the ATM is situated and how it can be reached independently. As a result, despite the introduction of talking ATMs, Blind and Visually Impaired people have generally been abstained from their use.

The Step-Hear solution offers ATM services and other banking services to the Blind and Visually Impaired, by informing where the ATM machine is situated and directing them to its exact location.

The Step-Hear ATM-500 PCB Card can be easily integrated into the existing ATM machine, offering good service and accessibility to everyone.

In addition, the product can be installed in Self-service Information Terminals and in Signs, transforming them into Audio Signs.