SANAKO Study 700


Easy-to-use language laboratory classroom

Product Overview

SANAKO Study 700 provides an affordable language laboratory classroom solution with full PC control and basic recording facilities. It is designed to help teachers provide the appropriate level of support and encouragement for basic level language activities. Students benefit from essential language learning functionalities such as listening and speaking, while teachers are provided with the tools to support and monitor this student activity.

SANAKO Study 700 can help schools expand their range of language learning programs by providing an introductory level solution for younger learners or beginners. It is also suitable for schools looking to install their first language learning solution or provide an easy-to-use facility for adult learners.

Features and Benefits

Discussion Activities Develop Oral Language Skills. In addition to reading practice, listening exercises and model imitation activities, a discussion activity has been included in SANAKO Study 700 v 5.00, strengthening the benefits provided to learners. While the feature adds depth to the solution's language learning activities, teachers will be pleased to see that students using this entry-level system will benefit from new opportunities to develop their speaking abilities by engaging in pair and group discussion (small groups).

Voting enhances Student Engagement. A Voting feature in all Study products ensures more opportunities for student interaction and collaboration and encourages greater student participation and engagement. Students can provide live feedback during the lesson and influence the pace of teaching.

Adjustable Student Tumbnails in Separate Windows. Teachers can work with separate windows, making it easier to more effectively monitor student activity in the Study environment. Using a dual display system makes it easy to monitor, guide and support students while working with other applications on a separate display. The enhancement also allows teachers to adjust the size of student thumbnails for more focused monitoring of class activity.

Providing Support for Learners. Study 700 allows teachers to use their digital learning resources to help manage student activity in a stimulating interactive environment. With Study 700 teachers can:

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Sanako Study 700 Case Studies

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