SANAKO Study 1200


Interactive language teaching in the ICT Classroom using SANAKO software

Product Overview

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Interactive teaching software from SANAKO makes language teaching enjoyable and productive at all levels. SANAKO Study 1200 is easy-to-use and dynamic - there is no proprietary hardware to invest in, and the system is flexible and fully scalable to meet teaching needs in large or small environments - simply install the software on as many or as few student PCs as you need, and your language teaching environment is ready. SANAKO Study 1200 is easily installed on top of existing IT resources throughout the institution, making it the ideal whole school solution for language teaching.

Study has been cerfified for use with Windows Vista and the latest version, version 5.0 is compatible with Windows 7.

Interactive Language Learning Environment. SANAKO Study 1200 is language teaching software that meets any institution's demand for teaching technology that is lightweight, dynamic, scalable and fully modern. The software is fully compatible with modern computer operating systems including current and future versions of Microsoft platforms. It is also modular, allowing teachers to install modules that introduce additional teaching or learning activities, or even classroom management or administrative functions.

Affordable, Flexible Licensing System. Schools will appreciate the affordable, flexible licensing system that ensures exactly the resources needed for IT-based teaching. To maintain control of this exciting interactive learning environment, Study 1200 puts a number of classroom management and student monitoring resources into teachers' hands - they remain at the centre of learning!

Use of the Latest Technology. Students also enjoy intensive listening and voice-based activities. Its digital recorder allows for the playback of material for activities such as listening comprehension, allowing students to record their voices for activities such as model imitation, reading practice and mark-to-speak drills. Along with the student voice graph which maps voice intonation and inflexion, these activities support student self-evaluation and -correction.

Features and Benefits

Extensive set of language learning activities. Study 1200 contains all the activities that are necessary for language teaching: Listening Comprehension, Discussion, Model Imitation and Reading Practice. The selection of activities is made simple with a drop-down menu. Once the activity is selected, additional functions appear for example for pairing the students for a discussion, or choosing a media source for listening comprehension or model imitation.

Round table discussion for advanced learners. Round table discussion is a new activity that allows teachers to set up small student groups with a designated chairman, who leads the discussion. The activity allows teachers to set up a meeting environment to help advanced language learners strengthen their oral presentation skills.

Advanced tools for better results - SANAKO Study 1200 Digital Recorder. The built-in digital recorder in Study student application allows the to use a wide range of compatible media file formats for language Students can play, stop, rewind, fast forward and pause a file and their voices. They can also set and remove bookmarks that can be locate places in the file for review and additional practice.

Subtitling adds an additional layer for written practice. This feature represents a significant usability improvement for students using the Study 1200 media player. With the ability to subtitle files, students will gain additional valuable language practice working with media files.

Instructions in media files. Students benefit from additional support as teachers are able to include text instructions in media files distributed to students for independent or classroom practice. No longer will students get away with the age-old excuse, "I didn't understand the assignment"! This also a useful addition for students working alone with media files.

Voice Insert. In the Voice Insert mode, gaps can be inserted automatically into source material, while students are recording their voices. This unique feature allows for the creation of exercises during playback.

Efficient Multi-User Collaboration. Microsoft® OneNote is a tool for note taking, information gathering, and multi-user collaboration. Used with SANAKO Study 1200, the application allows teachers to easily distribute their classroom notes to students in the Study live learning session with a single mouse click.

We recommend that you get SANAKO Software Maintenance with our software products.

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