SANAKO Study Solo

Standalone student player/recorder software for language learning.

Study Solo allows your students to learn a language at their own pace.

Product Overview

When working at home, Study Solo functions as a stand-alone learning tool. When the student returns to the classroom, Study Solo connects to the Tutor software and works as a normal Student player. Study Solo enables activities for improving all language learning aspects, especially spoken language.

How you can benefit from Study Solo-extend language learning from the classroom to the students' homes

  • Allow students to learn a language at their own pace
  • Improve pronunciation and communication skills
  • Use a wide variety of content
  • Automatically connects to your Study classroom

What can you do with Study Solo?

  • Free content included
  • Use additional Sanako content packages
  • Versatile Excercise window
  • Use the two-track recorder for language studies
  • Student Voice Recording
  • Voice Insert
  • Voice Graph
  • Recap Functionality
  • Recommended accessory: headphones

Free content included

5 free English lessons come bundled with your Study Solo installation. These exercises integrate to Study environment and can be used to demonstrate all capabilities of Sanako content format. Five free lessons are:

  • Airports
  • Education
  • Computers
  • Animals
  • Phonics

PDF Documents  SANAKO Study Solo Brochure