SANAKO Lab 300


A versatile multimedia language learning center ahead of its class

Product Overview

SANAKO Lab 300 enhances teaching effectiveness, gives teachers new functionalities to help create different teaching exercises, and makes classroom management and control easier. Students benefit from tools that help them focus on developing oral proficiency in the foreign language, which also create stimulating new classroom activities.

Sanako Lab 300 allows teachers to view a graphical representation of the classroom on their screens, create and work through the lessons and exercises, and to file, save and analyze test results. The seamless integration of the student user interface, Media Assistant Duo, with the Lab 300 Teacher Software's management capabilities allows both teachers and students to take full advantage of all the existing multimedia resources.

Features and Benefits

Saving text chat. Saving and printing of text chat sessions sets up additional opportunities for learning, review and self-assessment, allowing teachers and students to get maximum benefit from this interactive activity. Teachers can review the contents of such sessions to monitor and correct students'usage of language, while learners themselves can review the material for self-correction and additional independent study.

Fast digitization of teaching material. Eliminating the need for specialized digitization programs, the Fast-Digitize feature allows teachers to quickly convert analog material to digitized resources, preserving and enhancing the value of years of valuable teaching material.

Variable speed playback for student convenience. A real bonus for students and teachers in the learning environment, this feature let students to reduce the playback speed of learning material if they are having difficulty following. It puts more control in student's hands, encouraging them to become more active partners in the learning process, and also offers teachers more opportunities for focusing on individual needs.

AP* exam testing for use in the USA. This US testing standard gives students in the American high school system much-needed practice and exposure to the college entrance examination, and helps teachers get the best results when preparing their students for further education in foreign languages. * - AP is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board in the USA.

Create Teaching and Learning Opportunities. The ability to package a series of files using SANAKO Media Assistant means that teachers can create exercises outside of the language lab environment even at home! And in cases where students also have Media Assistant Lite, the opportunities for learning can be expanded beyond the classroom walls.

We recommend that you get SANAKO Software Maintenance with our software products.

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Sanako Lab 300 Case Studies

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