SANAKO Lab 100


SANAKO Lab 100 - affordability and high performance in language laboratories

Product Overview

The SANAKO Lab 100 product range consists of unique, teacher-led language teaching systems that allows you to bring language teaching back to life. The series offers tools that will keep your students motivated and excited while they acquire the language skills they need to develop both personally and professionally.

The SANAKO Lab 100 STS and SANAKO Lab 100 Mobile are fully digital language teaching solutions, which provides students with durable user panels that are easy to operate. This affordable solutions allow teachers to digitize analog content for convenient storage, retrieval and distribution.

Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are easy to operate, and which allow them to participate in a number of stimulating learning activities, either alone, or in groups or pairs.

New Features: SANAKO Lab 100 v 8.0

The new version of our non-PC multimedia language lab enhanced features to help teachers save time teaching and personalize their teaching settings. The "My Menu" option allows different teachers using the same installation to customize the naming and visibility of their activity lists, as well as their related recording settings.

Lab 100 v 8.0 also provides teachers with an integrated CD player operation panel that allows greater control over this modern program source. The updated collection routine allows the teacher to continue working uninterrupted while files are being stored.

Enhanced Efficiency

The enhancements in the new version of Lab 100 allow teachers to save time in setting up the class according to their own teaching preferences. The ability to personalize activities in the interface also provides major benefits for teachers using the same Lab 100 classroom, allowing them to easily and conveniently name and retrieve their most-used activities and related settings for quick deployment in the classroom.

Key Features and Benefits

SANAKO Lab 100 is a versatile language learning center that requires only one computer - the teacher's. Students are equipped with durable, low cost and simple to operate user audio panels with high-quality digital audio that is ideal for language learning. Students will love to learn in this modern environment because they can work with the best possible tools. SANAKO Lab 100 offers teachers a mistake-free approach to conducting modern and exciting lessons in the language classroom. Created by theworld leader in high-end language labs, SANAKO Lab 100 is used by over 400 educational institutions worldwide.

We recommend that you get SANAKO Software Maintenance with our software products.

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Sanako Lab 100 Case Studies

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