German Maestro Logic Headsets

GMH C 8.100 D

Best choise for digital voice input/output on PC's and Mac's for educational and professional applications. As a result of a popular demand, a series 8.000 headset model with USB plug was developed for PC and Mac applications. The USB plug with D/A and A/D converter includes an integrated headphone amplifier with digital equalizer optimized to the headphone systems and a high performance microphone amplifier. Therefore additional sound cards or power supplies are not needed.

German Maestro C 8.100 D

GMH 8.000 Series

Specifically developed for demanding applications such as those required for language laboratories and intercom applications, where great importance is attached to quality, reliability, and comfort. Soft, gentle ear pads provide comfort even for the longest lasting audio sessions.

Each headset features either a dynamic or electret microphone with cardioid characteristic, excellent front-to-back ratios and integrated pop filter. The flexible yet unbreakable microphone boom is molded from a single die with the left headphone housing and can be bent into any required position. The cable entry on these models is one sided and a special rugged round PUR cable, which is available with various connectors, guarantees a long life cycle even under harsh working conditions.