German Maestro Logic Headphones

GMP 240

Acoustically open headphone for perfect sound reproduction with high dynamic response. Thanks to its transparency and linear frequency response the GMP 240 is ideal for all music tastes. The cardamatic suspension and the velvet ear pads guarantee perfect fit and excellent comfort. For passionate listeners this is great value for money.

German Maestro 240

GMP 400

The GMP 400 represents the top range in headphone technology: Uncompromisingsound reproduction with crystal clear trebles, rich details in the mid-range and precise dynamic response in the bass reproduction.

The technical features are also very impressive:

  • Sandwich-diaphragm
  • Copper plated aluminium voice coils
  • Ear cups with cardamatic suspension
  • Ear pads made of a top-quality soft velvet
  • Gold plated Multi-Jack-plug
German Maestro 400

GMP 435 S

This high performance headphone is based on the GMP 400 but equipped with low impedance and highly sensitive drivers for a very well balanced sound reproduction and impressive bass performance with highest efficiency, especially on portable devices like MP3-players. The cardamatic suspension and the specifically engineered ear pads guarantee perfect comfort and fit; also during long-term listener sessions.

German Maestro 435S

GMP 450 Pro

Like its counterpart, the GMP 400, the GMP 450 Pro represents top-of-the line headphone technology, But following specific needs of professional users in special environments, all the characteristics of the GMP 400 have been packed into an acoustically closed version. Thus this version is ideally suited for a variety of studio applications and production sessions, where outside noise shielding is required.

German Maestro 450 Pro

GMP 8.300 D Professional

This acoustically closed high quality headphone will also withstand even the harshest treatment! The unbreakable steel headband features generous padding and an ergonomic design. One-sided cable entry, concealed wiring inside the headphone and unbreakable housing are guarantee for long-lasting performance. And high performance driver systems grant for superb sound reproduction.

German Maestro 8.300 D Professional

GMP 8.35 D Monitor

Acoustically the GMP 8.35 D Monitor amazes users with its dynamic bass response and overall transparency in the midrange and high frequency section. The headphone's low impedance and highly sensitive drivers are able to adapt to the widest range of equipment - whether on a mixing table or on portable devices. And of course, the GMP 8.35 D Monitor features the same technical design standards of the GMP 8.000 series - as a long-term durability is granted.

German Maestro 8.35 D Monitor

GMP 8.40 D

The 8.000 Series headphone as a special version for demo units and info points in, for instance Museums and many other locations. Acoustically this model is identical to the GMP-Series 8.000 except that this version has been adapted for POS (Point Of Sales) requirements.

The ear pads are made of soft, 'gentle to the skin' foam and can be easily cleaned with normal household detergents. The systems and cables are especially designed for continuous use. The unbreakable steel headband features generous padding and an ergonomic design. Like every other headphone from that legendary product family, also this version will withstand even the harshest treatment! This headphone series features a flexible armoured cable against theft.

German Maestro 8.40 D